In 2006 Mr. Kiland Kyham began preparing for a future in commercial real estate. Mr. Kyham has been determined since then to create a Company designed to acquire, build, own and operate a dynamic assortment of appreciating real estate assets that provides both capital gain and recurring cash flow.   In 2012, The KiLand Group, Inc. was organized under the laws of Texas to house the intended real estate portfolio.

The KiLand Group will distinguish itself in the marketplace by selecting innovative, mid and large-scale real estate properties ranging from urban, in-fill development and redevelopment to master-planned mixed-use communities in the target markets as well as the paths of development in Southwest Texas.

Mixed-use development provides the opportunity for synergistic diversity of real estate product by combining multiple property uses within a single building or development, such as residential, office, retail, industrial, hospitality and community oriented uses.

By balancing planning and design with sound economics, Kiland Group will help to produce high-impact properties that are successful in the marketplace and successful for the Company.

The KiLand Group plans to create communities that are economically practical and sensitive to the surrounding environment.  Man made improvements to real estate should enhance social and economic vitality through job creation and provide additional recreational facilities to the local population. The KiLand Group’s mixed-use developments will integrate the local character of a community through art and architecture, and bring renewed vitality to urban areas.

The Kiland Group strategy is to link with viable projects that are in evolutionary position just ahead of ours where we can run a parallel track.  The achievement of Company goals and objectives will be assisted by the formation of alliances with proven expertise in their chosen real estate disciplines.